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Aromatherapy Relax and Calming Spray - Green Tea, Lavender Oils 2oz| 59ml

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Calm the mind and rest easy with our Green Tea, Aloe, Lavender Spray. Deep sleep spray scent with Lavender essential oil.

Our aromatherapy formula is infused with natural essential oils, the aromatherapy notes of fresh herbs is an elegant bouquet of lavender and green tea.                           

INGREDIENTS: Lavender, Green Tea  essential oils. 

Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, treat anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia and menstrual cramps;

Green Tea essential oil helps calm your nerves and stimulates the brain at the same time.




All Ingredients:

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    Handcrafted by Liliya's Family in Miami, Florida

    Aromatherapy Relax and Calming Spray - Green Tea, Lavender Oils 2oz| 59ml
    Aromatherapy Relax and Calming Spray - Green Tea, Lavender Oils 2oz| 59ml
    Aromatherapy Relax and Calming Spray - Green Tea, Lavender Oils 2oz| 59ml
    Aromatherapy Relax and Calming Spray - Green Tea, Lavender Oils 2oz| 59ml

    SUGGESTED USAGE: Spray on your bed, pillow, clothes or use it in any room to feel the relaxation.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    My kids constantly bugs me and bathroom time is not so relaxing anymore until I get to know this spray. I spray this in the bathroom and get my 5 minutes of pure peace. It smells really good and is not overwhelming. Lasted not as long as I wish but enough to make that 5 minutes a lovely one.Bottle is small and nozzle sprays fine mist.


    Liliyas Aroma Aromatherapy Relax & Calming Spray Green Tea and Aloe is a linen mist and room spray. This 2oz spray is multifunctional and can be used on linens, pillows, inside cars and rooms. The green tea and aloe essential oil calms the nerves and boosts your mood. It is great for everyday use, gifting or personal use.I highly recommend this product!


    Green tea smells fresh and good. One push from the bottle and the room smells different. Air texture from the spray is clean and light.


    This is my 2nd time getting an aromatherapy spray by this brand. The scent smells light and natural. It doesn't leave any stains on my sheets either. I like to spray it on my bedding before going to bed just because I love the fresh scent as I drift off the sleep. It's very soothing. I got a Rose, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine blend the first time and absolutely loved it that I came back for this Green Tea and Aloe blend. Two totally different scents but both equally light and natural smelling.


    This spray adds a lovely scent to a room. I like to spray it on our mattress each time I change the sheets. The smell isn't too strong, but it is noticeable. The bottle hasn't leaked like some sprays I've tried. We've been happy with it. I like that there are other scents to try, too.

    Evelia Muniz

    This smells beautiful! Like baby powder and fresh leaves and herbs! Really soft smell!! This is going on my subscribe and save list!!!


    This is the second aromatherapy spray i have tried from Liliya's Aroma store. I was so pleased with the first one, that i couldn't pass up the opportunity to try this Green Tea and Aloe scent. It truly is a lovely scent, and the presentation is very nice, which is what i expected from this brand. It works very well to freshen up linen, and rooms. The price is very fair. Unfortunately the bottle i recieved this go around had leaked some while in transit, but that doesn't change my opinion about this being a very nice aromatherapy spray.